International Courses

Centre for Coaching Switzerland

With the assistance of two of our Graduates, the Centre for Coaching now has a presence in Switzerland and will run events and courses in Geneva and Lausanne.

Coaching for Development (CfD)

The CfD is currently running in Switzerland. 2018 details are now available on the website and kicks off 18 September 2018
For full course details please CLICK HERE to visit the website.

Coaching for Development Argentina

Run by our esteemed colleague Fabian Di Felice, this Spanish version of our very own CfD has been well received so far!

The Fourth CfD will be kicking off shortly but dates are yet to be finalised for more info please contact Fabian directly on [email protected]

Australia ACC

In 2014 we ran our second Australian ACC (now known as CfD) class. This is a truly cosmopolitan global learning with students from Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Fiji, Solomon Islands and mentors from South Africa and Switzerland.