Centre for Coaching Email disclaimer

All emails sent by the Centre for Coaching are the property of the Centre for Coaching where related to the business of the Centre for Coaching and, where not, of the sender.

If any email is not related to the business of the Centre for Coaching it is sent by the sender in the sender’s individual capacity. The views and opinions expressed in any email do not necessarily represent the views of the Centre for Coaching

All email is intended only for the person(s) to whom it is addressed. Any recipient of email to whom it is not addressed may not use, disclose, copy, redirect or print the content and must notify the sender by replying to him or her.

The information in any email is intended for the attention of and is licensed for use by the addressee(s) only.
The intellectual property in the content of any email is retained by the holder of that intellectual property.

While every effort is made to ensure that all email and any attachments to it are free from viruses, neither the sender nor the Centre for Coaching can be held liable in the unlikely event that a virus is transmitted to the recipient’s computer.

No email sent to the Centre for Coaching shall be deemed to have been received by the Centre for Coaching or its agent(s) until the Centre for Coaching has responded to it. Failure to respond shall not constitute a response.

Neither the Centre for Coaching nor the sender of any email will be liable to any person for direct, indirect, or consequential damages flowing from its use by any recipient.

The Centre for Coaching has authorised the UCT ICT Services to monitor outgoing and incoming email usage and other telecommunications usage on its email and telecommunications systems; this does not allow ICT Services to monitor content.