The following articles will give greater clarity on some of the ideas presented in both this website and courses offered by the Centre for Coaching:

  1. Coaching in an Organisational Context in South Africa by Craig O’Flaherty and Janine Ahlers
  2. Inspired moments – possibilities beyond management through integral coaching® by JMC Ahlers, CMB O’ Flaherty, G Howard & D Loos
  3. Equipping Leaders to coach – an androgogic learning model by Craig M.B O’ Flaherty
  4. Coaching versus Mentoring versus Leading versus Managing by Craig O’ Flaherty
  5. The impact of coaching on organisational change by Moira Farr
  6. Do Coaching Circles Use The Same Methodology And Lead To Similar Outcomes As Action Learning? by Nadia Barsch
  7. Coaching in leadership development by Craig O’Flaherty and Janine Ahlers
  8. Response to 50K Coaches by James Flaherty
  9. Coaching improves pass rates at UJ run by Janine Ahlers and Erica du Toit
  10. 2016 ICF Global Coaching Study Executive Summary published by the International Coach Federation (click here for more)
  11. The impact of Integral Coaching on Toyota Malawi Ltd 2008  by Duncan Rupert Harrison
  12. A Historiographical Analysis of Integral Coaching 2011 by Mark Hartnady
  13. The impact of Integral Coaching on Toyota Malawi Ltd and Toyota Uganda Ltd 2009 by Karen Yodaiken
  14. Evaluating the effectiveness of a South African entrepreneur mentoring program 2016 by Benjamin Crede
  15. The impact of Integral Coaching on leadership development at Chevron Corporation South Africa as perceived by Company’s managers and direct reports 2016 byMicha Nyczl
  16. The impact of coaching at Old Mutual Wealth A Q-methodology study of employees’ views 2017 by Ferdi Oosthuizen