What our students and graduates are saying about us?

Thank you for providing a course that has resulted in me finding not only new skills, but also a new way of being. Thank you especially for the innovation and dedication that you and the wonderful members of your faculty have shown – it is such an excellent modelling of how we are to be in this world.  Was about to say it goes without saying…, but I will stop and say, before I go, that I received enormous value from the course, and that I think you and those members of faculty who gave of their time and input to guide us are providing a service that is truly noteworthy and necessary for future-proofing. Thank you to you all.Robin Allen, Head of Clinical Services, Lentegeur Psychiatric Hospital – CfD 2020
“Thank you for the leadership on this course. I enjoyed my learning journey so much – I feel I am building a real competence to deliver much needed value.  I have made many connections; these would not have happened had I not attended the course.  Along with a coaching practice, one of the gifts that emerged is my appreciation of John Shotter.”
Prof Kosheek Sewchurran A/Prof Leadership & Strategy as Practice (L-A-P), Program Director, Executive MBA, UCT GSB –
CfD 2020
“Accessible in any location. The online CfD offering is an excellent example of adapting to change in real time – well done!” Mary Griffiths – CfD 2020
“Zoom gave us the ability to coach and be observed without losing any sense of being in the room just with a coachee or coach. I think it is one of the best things to come out of the pandemic!” Anonymous – CfD 2020
“It really was excellent. I’ve been lucky enough to experience many different courses around the world and this was truly world class” Ed Brand (Head of Transaction Management)CfD 2021
“A lot of information but very well structured. Great community. Right balance of theory and practice” Anna Semenova (Corporate Communications Manager)CfD 2021
“This has been a truly life changing experience for me. Excellent course outlay, design and flow. The intensity time, followed by regular breaks was brilliant. The frequency of breakout groups, with different people, was great. Pace of the days was excellent. “Diving” into coaching practice was the best way to get started! Organisation and staying on time was absolutely brilliant. Faculty presentations and method of teaching was brilliant” Tim BorlandCfD 2021
“Mind blowing! I cannot believe how much was covered in three days and the way it was delivered and explained was amazing. It was initially very overwhelming but the way all the coaches and faculty held us through the 3 days made it so much easier for us to feel safe to open up to this new thinking and allow us to take in all that was so beautifully presented and taught. Thank you” Bridgette Vonburn (Conference Manager)CfD 2021
“I have never been to a better organised virtual learning event.  At times I believed that small group discussions were even better on-line for reasons of randomisation of participants and time management.I use my coaching experience every day in my corporate life: open non-judgement approach helps me see more in people I work with; asking questions usually brings in new understanding and solutions that would not have happened without the active listening skills that we practiced so much at the course.While at PCC I was going through a very difficult personal change in life. The course offered me a safe space to reflect on what was going on with me and to look for ways of how I can support myself with the tools we were practicing. Going through the personal changes in life and doing the course at the same time was very emotionally draining, however, upon reflection, it was the best combination that could happen to me at that time.”
Olga Klimanovich, Head of Communication and  Employee Engagement | Vesuvius PLC, United Kingdom – PCC 2019/20.
“Participating in the Professional Coaching Course (PCC) in February 2020 has been a great experience. My first interaction with the Faculty and colleagues was a warm and inspiring one. While I was looking forward to the second module in May 2020, the country was placed on a national lockdown due to the Covid19 pandemic and we had to participate through Zoom.Most of us were wondering how effective this was going to be. However, looking back at my participation, I must say that this was a very effective and convenient platform. I enjoyed learning with colleagues who, while in different cities of South Africa, felt as if we were in the same room.This saved all of us the cost of travelling and accommodation while we benefited from the advanced technological engagement. I learned all that was to be and felt the same coaching experience I felt in the first module. We were still able to feel the presence of each other as coaches and appreciated each other’s support. I believe this is the new normal that can continue to produce great results in the PCC. It was the best experience of my adult learning and thanks to the Centre for Coaching.”
Dr Rosaline Sebolao, Teaching and Learning Manager | Faculty of the Humanities at the University of the Free State, South Africa – PCC 2020/21
“PCC is a brilliant programme whether face-to-face or virtual. I think our natural preference is always an in-person session since coaching lends itself to a very personal interaction. However, our PCC lead facilitators did an excellent job in keeping the ‘connection’ by allowing for lots of interaction, body breaks, group sessions and a programme that was designed to accommodate the new ways of working ensuring maximum participation and learning.Being a part of the PCC programme opened up a ‘new way of being’ for me, which also positively impacted the personal and professional relationships I have with others. The experience of reconnecting with my true self, recognising my blind spots and making sense of my life’s experiences and journey has allowed me to be more aware and more fulfilled; it was eye-opening in more ways than one.As the Learning and Transformation manager at my company, I am involved in coaching individuals and teams on a regular basis, either formally using the integral coaching method or informally for development and career progression. The PCC programme allowed me to hone my coaching skills, particularly to listen to understand, to empathise and to contribute to the lives of my colleagues at work in a much deeper and more meaningful way.”
Nimmita Maharaj, Learning and Transformation Manager | Schneider Electric, South Africa – PCC 2020/21
“Doing the Professional Coaching Course (PCC) in the virtual space was like peeling the layers of an artichoke – at times frustrating but with the most gratifying outcome.The course conveners, leaders and mentor coaches really went the extra mile to help one feel held and supported throughout.Having gone through the process of PCC Certification, I now confidently embody being the coach and have a well-resourced toolkit to ensure that my coaching practice is fulfilling and that I am able to adapt to rhythm of each new dance presented.”Nicolette J. Moses | Integral Coach, South Africa – PCC 2020 /21
“Excellent, filled me up with inspiration.  What a wonderful experience to spend 4 days with such interesting, kind, open, interesting individuals and to have windows to new worlds opened. Awe-inspiring insight into the magically creative art of coaching and being given the gift of being coached.” Roisin Gregory (Director of Virtual PA Studio) – PCC 2021/22 South Africa
“Very engaging, Content was very well presented and there was a good balance between lecture and breakouts.” Karen Levy Strauss PCC 2021/22 South Africa
“What worked for you? “Breakout rooms for the most part and the guided somatic practices we all tried” Milena Gevers – PCC 2020/21 South Africa
“The PCC journey has been the most wonderful experience I had in the last two years. I learned a lot, and opened up my appetite for the continuous learning. I met a lot of wonderful people, some of whom have become friends. I am grateful for this experience and feel blessed. Let the journey continue!” Nataliya Prongue – PCC 2021/22 Switzerland
“The way we all had to walk our own journey, but never feeling alone was a life-changing experience.” Delanie Jooste – PCC 2021/22 South Africa

What our clients are saying about us?

‘’Greater Self Awareness, recognising blind spots for improvement and permission to feel my emotions to better understand myself and my current frame of reference and to be non-judgemental and curious to explore new possibilities and outcomes”
Janince Reynhart  (Brand Specialist) Astron Energy UCT Development Programme 2020

“This programme has provided me with greater insights about myself and my interaction with others and how I can be more effective in communicating, influencing and leading myself and others.  Will continue to leverage my learnings in and outside the workplace to further grow personal development “
Gaynor Smith (Internal Auditor) Astron Energy UCT Development Programme 2021

“Always powerful when an environment is created for teams to develop their knowledge and transfer skills. Even more so in the coaching circles. A structured, well thought out, flexible program made it easy to plan and schedule the engagements. The one-on-one coaching relationship was awesome”.
Archie Buchanan (Manager, Asset Management) South32 Emerging Leaders Programme 2019

“I was blown away by the expertise of the workshop leaders/ coaches and how they could make complex concepts so palatable and practical. I felt fully engaged throughout the 2 days. The entire workshop was run very efficiently and effectively from start to finish. This was a truly wonderful and immersive learning experience! “
(Anonymous) Leading with a Coaching Style: Leader as Coach 2022

“Having my 1-on-1 coaching sessions gave me a safe space to go and talk through sensitive issues without judgement or feeling intimidated by someone in own organisation which gave me a greater level of understanding of self’
Janice Reynhart (Brand Specialist) Astron Energy UCT Leadership Programme 2020

“Through coaching,  I really got to know myself. How to step into and deal with conflict situations, not assuming to always blame me. Previously I was being very apologetic. The programme is really developing me to become the best version as myself.”
Carlo Basson ( Learning and Development Operations Supervisor) Astron Energy Executive Coaching Programme

Some anonymous feedback to one-on-one executive coaching programmes:

“The insights I’m getting from the conversations with my coach. The increase of self awareness and concrete actions agreed upon and taken towards the defined objectives, along with the visible improvements in some of the behaviors.”

”The way my coach encourages me to think deeper on my challenges and goals.”

“All the simple yet very useful tips my coach is providing me.”

“My coach is a fantastic listener, who easily translate my input in meaningful words. His support is being instrumental to my development, and helps me to find my way to my thoughts.”