Coaching has enabled me to navigate a complex course of questions which have revealed some valuable truths. I can honestly say that the coaching experience has helped me to widen my scope of vision & separate the trees from the forest.

The tapestry of my life has brought me to Integral Coaching and to Craig and Janine at the Centre for Coaching. This journey has been one of the greatest gifts that I have given myself. Integral Coaching has provided me with the opportunity to see and experience myself and others in a different way. I have come to realise that I can respond to people and situations by using my head, heart and gut and that when I respond with all of myself it provides me and other people with a glimpse of the possibilities that lies within each of us to respond to life in a different way to create new possibilities. Through this journey I have been blessed to meet many wonderful and inspirational people along the way who has enriched my life and touched me in ways I could never have imagined. I would recommend the courses offered through the Centre for Coaching to anyone who wants to explore their way of being in life and take the first step on a journey of self-discovery which may allow them the opportunity to explore what gives them meaning and how they can contribute to others and themselves.

I have had the privilege of working closely with Janine and Craig, both on an individual 1-2-1 level and within the context of a wider a leadership team environment. On both levels, I have benefitted significantly from their coaching and insights. They bring objectivity and clarity of thought to often complex challenges within team dynamics and in terms of personal development. I would strongly recommend the Centre for Coaching to any individual or team that is committed to personal growth and/or evolving as a team

The coaching experience, both after significant years of being coached and then going on the ACC programme have all been significantly perception changing and behaviour altering for me.  All in, I consider this a magnificent process of self-discovery, which continues, whilst hugely empowering through a coaching tool-set geared to helping others help themselves.

The Strategic Leadership Through Coaching programme, offered by the UCT Graduate School of Business’ Executive Education unit in partnership with the Centre for Coaching, has had a big impact on my leadership style and helped us considerably as managers to be more resilient during these difficult times. With the banking sector coming under a lot of scrutiny in recent years it has been a tough period for the industry, with staff freezes, retrenchments, and a general feeling of uncertainty. The course was invaluable as it reinforced resilience as a key attribute needed for successful leadership today.

Having enough leaders who adopt a coaching style is the catalyst to accelerating the development of the leadership gene pool in organisations. And coaching provides the safe space for these leaders to face up the some of the unique challenges that change brings. In this regard it is also playing an important role in talent development and succession planning.

The Strategic Leadership Through Coaching programme was a life changing experience for me and I left with mixed feelings of sadness for the past and hope for the future. The week was truly an investment in ourselves and I know that we will all reap the rewards of the hard work.

I was really looking for something that gave me the tools and techniques I needed to coach not just the theory – that you can get from any number of books – and the Centre for Coaching gave this to me. The bottom line is that coaching can be a really powerful ally to help people face change. It brings about a greater richness in people, it helps put their feet more firmly on the ground and ready to face whatever the world has to throw at them.

Coaching is a way of helping business leaders to see possibilities they could not see before and explore these in a safe, trusting environment. It is based on values, which transcend culture. Respect is respect, no matter where you come from. Coaching transformed the lives of many of our staff. The behavioural changes are cascading down through the organisation very nicely.

Participation in the 6 month Associate Coaching Course opened my eyes to the role a coach can play in helping individuals develop their natural strengths and see possibilities not seen before. The facilitator stressed the importance of a collaborative alliance formed within a bounded framework so as to aid clients in setting goals, taking actions and making better informed decisions. Meaningful assignments, experiential role plays, group exercises, and case studies were used to reinforce and affirm our skill development. During the course we applied the integrative coaching model directly within a safe framework under the skilled guidance of a practiced facilitator. I recommend this program as meaningful training for those who seek to contribute positively, creatively, and in a future-oriented manner in support of others.