Leadership Conversations – Confronting with Courage


Start partaking in constructively direct dialogue – those conversations that need to happen sooner rather than later, where you express what has gone wrong from your own perspective.

The Centre for Coaching Leadership Conversation – Confronting with Courage, is a joint course with the UCT GSB to equip participants with key knowledge on how to engage in direct conversations that give rise to constructive, powerful and enhanced possibilities. It is one of a series of six short courses which are based on Integral theory and practice. Learn how to face people head on, equipped with the right tools.

Who will benefit from this course?

You will benefit from this course if you are an Executive, Manager, or Emerging Leader seeking to develop and grow yourself and others through proven principles of saying what needs to be said during conversations.

What will I gain from this course?

Participants of the Leadership Conversation – Confronting with Courage course will gain:

  • How having direct conversations can be constructive and not necessarily lead to conflict
  • A better understanding of other individuals and how to resolve issues that have impacted you
  • The know-how on engaging in direct conversations even with those outside your direct reporting line
  • Skills that allow you to handle complex encounters with team-mates, peers, subordinates, bosses and customers
  • A base competence practice for participating in direct conversations

Our short courses deliver learning experiences that are personally transformative because better people make better leaders.

Whilst theory is interesting, in fact leadership is best learned through practice.  For that reason, this course is run in an experiential way, using a live-virtual approach on Zoom. Participants are asked to be willing to be fully themselves, fully engaged, open to being honest about themselves, their relationship to difficult conversations (no role plays) and to be prepared to find out more about themselves as leaders and human beings.


29 July 2024

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Watch this short video where Janine Ahlers gives an overview of the programme, with a brief description of each workshop including what you will take away.

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