Leadership Conversations – MENTOR – Amplifying Talent


Learn what both you and your mentee can do to make sure your mentoring relationship is as impactful as possible. Walk out with an entire workbook you both can use to co-create a mentoring journey of real, deep and lasting value.

The Centre for Coaching Leadership Conversation – MENTOR – Amplifying Talent course, helps mentors and mentees conduct skilful conversations that lead to the transfer of knowledge and skills in a fast-changing and unpredictable environment. This one-day course, in conjunction with the UCT GSB, is part of a series of six Leadership Conversations courses rooted in Integral theory.

Who will benefit from this course?

This course is aimed at Executives, Managers, or Emerging Leaders who are looking to mentor or be mentored and want to learn key communication skills for an effective mentoring relationship.

What will I gain from this course?

Participants of the Leadership Conversation – MENTOR – Amplifying Talent course will learn:

  • The difference between mentoring and other interaction techniques at your disposal
  • The ability to identify mentoring candidates and how to approach them
  • Relevant skills that help to build mutual respect and trust between mentors and mentees
  • Practical knowledge on the processes, skills, and qualities that will make you a great mentor
  • How to ensure that your mentoring interventions are hitting the mark and achieving the desired results

Our short courses deliver learning experiences that are personally transformative because better people make better leaders.

Whilst theory is interesting, leadership is, in fact, best learned through practice.  For that reason, this course is run in an experiential way, using a live-virtual approach on Zoom. Participants are asked to be willing to be fully themselves, fully engaged, open to being honest about themselves and what it is they truly want out of a mentoring conversation (no role plays). We also need all participants to be prepared to find out more about themselves as leaders and human beings.


25 October 2024

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Watch this short video where Janine Ahlers gives an overview of the programme, with a brief description of each workshop including what you will take away.

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