Coaching mastery

The Coaching Mastery School is an intensive programme designed for delegates seeking to master the practice of coaching and acquire profound levels of insight about themselves and human nature.

It is only open to people who have completed the Professional Coaching Cource (PCC) offered through the Centre for Coaching who thus already have a solid grounding in the profession.

The course is structured around what the Centre identifies as the “six fundamental human concerns” – or the basic drivers of human behaviour. These are: Identity, Death,  Belonging, Contribution, Meaning and Self Expression and Somatic Awareness.

The programme is based on the premise that in order to be successful as a coach, one must first master self knowledge and understanding. The course is therefore as much a personal journey to growth and fulfilment as it is about learning to coach others to greatness.

Continuing Coach Education:

Joining our Coaching Mastery School will not only keep you up-to-date with new theory but is a way to get your hours to re-certify each year with NVW.

There are however too many Mastery Classes to take through the ICF credentialing system that requires both extensive work and carries a large fee for each. However, on completion of a module, you will receive a certificate for 16 hours and a letter that will allow you to submit each Mastery Class module for the required ICF CCEU’s for your re-accreditation requirements.

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