Coach’s Bookshelf Selection

Please choose from each group as indicated.

This document provides a brief description of each of the books below.

NOTE: We will endeavour to courier/post the books before the course starts. You will have most of the year to read them.

During PCC you are required to read 10 books.
Three books have already been selected for you and will be allocated to all participants: Wisdom of the Enneagram; Start Where You Are; A Year to Live.
You therefore have the opportunity to select 7 (seven) books from our Coach’s Bookshelf at the link below.
You are requested to select ONE book from each of the 5 categories, plus you may select a further 2 from 2 other categories. So, some categories will have 2 books selected, and some will have 1 book selected.
As far as possible, we endeavour to source the hardcopies of the books to send to you. Where the cost of the book is prohibitive, or where we are unable to source a hardcopy version, we offer the Kindle version. In the latter case, if you would prefer the hardcopy option of the book, assuming it is available, we will offer you a credit up to R500, and you may order the hardcopy for yourself.
The information about which books are offered in Kindle format only, is available on the online order form.

  • Please advise the best address to post/courier to.