We are launching a new set of one-day programmes that will allow our ACC and PCC graduates to keep in touch with the coaching community and to deeply explore subjects to help your coaching and provide you with exciting new points of view.

These workshops are only open to people who have completed the Associate Coaching Course (ACC) with the Centre for Coaching and New Ventures West Alumni.

COACHING THE BODY – Building our client’s capacity to respond to change

The first iteration of our Masterclasses will be exploring the Somatic. This is a full day workshop that will run from 9am – 6pm and will be presented in Cape Town and Johannesburg.

  • Johannesburg: 19 October 2016  | Holiday Inn, Rosebank
  • Cape Town: 21 October 2016  |  UCT, GSB, Breakwater Campus, Waterfront

COST:     R 4,900 per person Ex VAT (R 5,586 including VAT)


The bedrock of Integral Coaching is that change can only take place when a client has moved beyond thinking and feeling differently, into behaving differently. Behaviour is anchored in the body, so helping clients to change means building the skill that will allow them to build their own somatic skills and capacities that will underpin change in their bodies. This day is designed to be an immersion day that will leave you more skilled at integrating the client’s body, actions and behaviour into the coaching work you do.

Course Outline

In this Masterclass we will:
  • Explore a powerful model that can help you understand your client’s body. The Somatic Intelligence Scale (SIS) is an insightful way of understanding:
    • What are the elements of somatic awareness and capacity?
    • How can we work with clients to help them assess their capacity to embody the changes they are going through?
  • Explore how to apply this model to ourselves and make sense of the changes we need to make in our own lives
  • Understand the possible self-observations and practices we might use to navigate that change
  • Build our capability to more powerfully build the body of the client into our coaching programs
  • Explore a range of somatic practices that might be relevant in our ongoing work

The course will involve working with the material in an engaging way: Applying it to ourselves first, as well as to others in the room, and walking away with a practical sense of how we might use this with existing and future clients.

You will also be left with a deeper sense of how you are occupying your own body and a way forward for your own development.


CLICK HERE to download the application form and send this to to reserve your space.