Werner Potgieter

The tapestry of my life has brought me to Integral Coaching and to Craig and Janine at the Centre for Coaching. This journey has been one of the greatest gifts that I have given myself. Integral Coaching has provided me with the opportunity to see and experience myself and others in a different way. I have come to realise that I can respond to people and situations by using my head, heart and gut and that when I respond with all of myself it provides me and other people with a glimpse of the possibilities that lies within each of us to respond to life in a different way to create new possibilities. Through this journey I have been blessed to meet many wonderful and inspirational people along the way who has enriched my life and touched me in ways I could never have imagined. I would recommend the courses offered through the Centre for Coaching to anyone who wants to explore their way of being in life and take the first step on a journey of self-discovery which may allow them the opportunity to explore what gives them meaning and how they can contribute to others and themselves.

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